Reason Number Two:

Lint buildup takes the dryer more power to dry your clothes. If your dryer isn't drying your clothes like it used to, you may not need a new dryer! A clogged dryer vent with lint reduces airflow and doesn't efficiently dry your clothes. It also Uses more energy (power) thereby costing you more money.

Reason Number One:

There are 16,700 dryer vent fires a year and the number continues to rise.Most people don't know their dryer vents need to be cleaned. They clean out their lint filter now and then and think that's it. But the dryer vent duct is where lint can really build up and get clogged. Lint is highly flammable.

Why Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent ?

Dryer Vent Cleaning 

Master Chimney Sweep 

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The national fire protection association standard states the fireplace and chimney should be inspected yearly for any structural faults.